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Taranaki Disabilities Information Centre - HUB

HUB; is a central part of a wheel, rotating on or with the axle, and from which the spokes radiate. TDICT is the centre or HUB of activity because of its radiating movement, from within its Health and Disability Networks, that continues to keep it's HUB for New Plymouth activly strong, and moving positively forward.

We come together as a community hub, a public space that brings several community agencies and neighbourhood groups together to offer a range of activities, programs and services.

They were created to make better use of Community public spaces by offering multiple services under one shared roof that meet the needs of a specific community or neighbourhood. TDICT Community hub also encourage social gatherings.

Service Groups who share office space at 28 Young Street 

  1. Life Unlimited Hearing

  2. Caring Families

  3. Stroke Foundation Taranaki

  4. Deaf Aotearoa

  5. Assessment Providers Taranaki

For more information, regarding any one of the service groups listed above. 

The Taranaki Disabilities Infromation Centre, is open five days a week.

Monday to Friday

9 a.m. to 5 p.m.





Public holidays

Closed (includes Wellington Anniversary Day)


06 759 0019



28 Young Street, New Plymouth 4310
PO Box 1550 Westown
New Plymouth 4340